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To all the Parents and Carers of children at schools within the Dunstone Education Trust,

It gives me an enormous amount of pleasure to introduce myself as the sponsor of the Dunstone Education Trust.

My sole ambition and aims are to create the finest possible academies. Through our work, we strive to provide our students with the most excellent chance of success. We support our students in the pursuit of their full potential while they are with us at our academies and ensure that we have provided practical skills to help them after they leave us.

We believe in community strength and support. Local to our first school, Fulwood Academy in Preston, both the Carphone Warehouse and TalkTalk are substantial employers. I firmly believe that as carers and educators, we should be involved and support the local community in which we operate. As I support Fulwood Academy and others through the Dunstone Education Trust personally, I am fully supportive of the local companies and employers. Together, we are determined to provide the very best and most productive environment and high-end facilities for all students within our academies.

I intend that Fulwood Academy will build on the existing strengths of the predecessor school and become a shining beacon of educational excellence within the Dunstone Education Trust and the wider area. We provide essential opportunities and facilities to our pupils to ensure successful learning and progression in the 21st Century. Our goals are to ensure that every one of our pupils is academically successful and grows to be articulate, informed, skilled and compassionate citizens of their local communities after their graduation.

At the heart of Fulwood Academy, we have implemented a successful House system that engages every pupil on a personal level. This House System is proven to have a positive effect on the life of Fulwood Academy and its students. The House System provides a driving force for individual and communal improvement and further encourages academic, personal and social success. I am sure that you will share in my sense of excitement at the progression and evolution of Fulwood Academy and look forward as I do to many more successes.

I look forward to working with all the academy trust staff and students taking them forward into a successful future and I also hope to continue meeting both the students and families of those attending Fulwood Academy, along with a growing community of schools and educational institutions in the future.


Sir Charles Dunstone | Academy Trust Sponsor Member

For further information regarding the Dunstone Education Trust, or to make contact with our sponsor, please direct your enquiries to Mrs J Currey, Clerk to the Trustee Board on jacqueline.currey@blackpool.gov.uk or 01253 476513 

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.